Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011 - Best Parts

So it comes to that time again when 20 of the best rugby countries come together to crouch, touch, pause and engage in one of the highest regarded tournaments, this time held in New Zealand.

Being an Australian, I have high hopes in our Wallabies that they can once again do the country proud and show the world how we like to do things. But as always, there are some things about these tournaments that are highly anticipated and always entertaining. The best parts of the World Cup have to be (and in no particular order)

The New Zealand Haka
If I get tingles down my spine when I watch this, then I can't even imagine what it is like for someone who it actually means something to. While I applaud and have genuine respect for the Haka, and I think it always makes things interesting...I sincerely hope the All Blacks get whats coming to them.

Quade Cooper's sidestep
You don't see that in some of the best nightclubs in Sydney - Enough said...

Learning three times tables (watching South Africa)
No need for rote learning this stuff kids, just watch a Springboks game and as the kicking game flows just watch the scoreline and there you have it!

The Scottish National Anthem
I would just take this opportunity to give the Scots a mention (regardless of a pretty poor showing) and that listening to them give a beautiful verbal abuse to the English is always a pleasure in itself. The Famous Grouse!

The Wallabies
Being a proud Australian rugby supporter, this one was always a given. Go you good things!!

In particular I would like to send best wishes to Kurtley Beale, a fellow old boy of St Joseph's College. Watching you grow and play was a pleasure and Australia will be behind you in your first quest for World Cup glory. You'll never walk alone.

World in Union
What world cup post would be complete without the rugby anthem, and one of the reasons sport always makes itself known to be a common denominator and language across cultural, social and global divides. I have always loved this song and for it to be used so fittingly...

I look forward to seeing the Wallabies shoulder to shoulder, lifting the Web Ellis Cup to the sound of that song. As always, may the best team win (Not England).




    So much pride for these guys right now. About time it was held in NZ! My family has been saying the atmosphere over there is like nothing before. Awesome!!

    (The coverage in VIC is so so shit, especially seeing as it's during AFL finals. No games live on free to air.. the opening game vs Tonga was delayed like an hour so 2 reruns of Friends could be played. Despicable.)

    Hope it's better viewing for you NSW peeps! Looking forward to whipping some Wallaby butt too haha.

  2. Coming in to a home WC on the back of 2 defeats! Look forward to watching the Wallabies once again knock the home side out...tragic that would be.

    I have pay TV so I can watch most of the games. NRL finals are in swing as well so its busy on the airwaves here too!

    I would have loved to get over there for a game..when it was here it was amazing, although I still curse Johnny Wilkinson's name under my breath

  3. The Haka is amazing. Shame about them all being inbred really.


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