Monday, June 6, 2011

The things you do...

So end of semester exams start next week, and it has been quite a stretch of my procrastination abilities to draw out not studying.

Not only have I cleaned my room for the first time in several years (it got to the stage where there was a defined path from my door to my desk to my bed), but I called my boss and offered to open/close the shop today - so a day without any of the casuals in.

So yeah, exams. I finish on Saturday the 18th (yeah, a Saturday exam is less than desirable), and once that is over I'm free until the end of July (Freedom meaning more work). So once that comes along I will be posting hopefully a little more regularly.

Time to load up on energy drinks, clean my desk and learn some shit.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA i have never gotten around to cleaning my room ever. my mum always does it out of pity.
    an exam on Saturday sucks! but hey, at least you get to do something super fun right after, on the weeeekendddd.

    good luck with all that studying! ♥

  2. Oh trust me it is rather out of character for me too. But now I can see the floor!

    And thank you, I'm kind of used to it, and I only really have to pass so its okay. But yeah that Saturday night will be epic, and probably a little messy.

  3. An exam on SATURDAY? That is absolutely shocking..

  4. Ew! Saturday exam, audacious!

    Haha, my room is ALWAYS at its cleanest at the end of semester.

  5. White, Rash: I know...but it does mean I finish on a Saturday, which means Sunday will more than likely be a rough one.

    Hahahah oh that is so true. I haven't cleaned my room in so long (properly) before these exams.

  6. Well good luck with the clean up and the exams.
    You'll ace it, you're such a nerd! hehe ☺


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