Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just a small thing

We interrupt your day to bring you this community service announcement:

For those who comment on my posts, firstly thank you.

Just one thing, I reply to comments in a new comment. If you ask questions in your comment, I suggest subscribing via email (underneath the comment form) so that you can reply. Yes I am talking to you Rash and Furree (Thats right, feel special). Everyone else, just take it on board for future reference.

Anyway, sorry for giving you the false impression that I had once again graced your blogger homepage with my usual brilliance. (I am kidding).

I will be back soon. Maybe.

Cheers, Loads.


  1. *feels special* YAY! :D
    i always check if people reply to my comments. you're like a celebrity, you know :O

  2. Like a celebrity?? I am flattered but not sure if I have any sort of claim to celebrity status =P

    But anyway, its good to see you back. What's been happening?

  3. I also feel special :)

    Blogger needs to follow in Wordpress' footsteps and get a "reply to comment" function! Seriously!

  4. Yay for specialness!

    Not a bad idea actually. Wonder who I can suggest that to to have it implemented. It is annoying replying to multiple comments in one.

  5. I think you can install a comment system called "Disqus" that allows you to do it, but I don't think you can use the google profiles to make comments which is a pain.. it changes the whole commenting system.
    Replying to comments is something blogger really should have! Give someone a word if you can find them!


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