Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's back..

If you are wondering what it is I am talking about, I may not be able to articulate exactly what 'it' is that is back, but it most definitely is. For those of you who are not followers of the round ball game, what I am talking about is the recent resurgence of Liverpool Football Club folowing the appointment of King Kenny Dalglish.

For a little under two years now, being a follower has been a constant struggle with uncertainty, the team obviously lacking what has traditionally made Liverpool the great club that it is. But recently, all talk of a 'Leeds-style' slump into lower divisions has been wiped off the forecast, to be replaced with the hope of returning to the top of the English, and possibly the European stage where the club belongs.

The flood of joy when the ball hits the back of the net, the passionate way that the team combines, the voices on the terraces have all returned and I couldn't think of anything that rivals the knowledge that we can once again feel safe in knowing that our club is looking like everything it should be.

Everything that has caused these things to happen, including the returning confidence of the players, the lift we have seen throughout the squad particularly in the younger players, and the joy that has returned to the faces of all involved with the club can largely be attributed to one man. He is of course Sir Kenny Dalglish.

Thank you for bringing the life back into the club, thank you for bringing the feel good-factor into being a supporter of Liverpool, and thank you for proving to us that you are truly a legend.

King Kenny, You'll Never Walk Alone.


  1. So I guess you're aiming for the title?
    Well, it's about time. :)
    Good luck to the Reds then and I am sure it will be an absolutely exciting season!

  2. well soccer makes the world go round....will say all the best but am manchester all the way!


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