Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Foosball Table Pt 2

Ok so an update of my progress on my foosball coffee table. For those of you unaware, I am designing and building a foosball coffee table. It is essentially a foosball table, with a glass top to accomodate drinks/food/remotes etc. If you haven't already, check out my first post on this topic, which should be there if you scroll down a bit.

So since my last post, it appears limited progress has been made to the table physically. Work has been done to cut out each of the goalmouths, as displayed below:

The goalmouths are 76 by 206 millimetres, with rounded top corners of radius 20mm (for all you currently used to imperial measurements, I frankly do not care =])

To cut the cavities, a simple electric jigsaw was used to cut the basic shape, with scoring (using a stanley knife) along the perimeter to reduce chipping of the wood.

Next was the process of measuring and boring the holes on either side of the table, to house the rods for the game. This is particularly important as accuracy is key. If measurements/cuts are off by the slightest, the game will be affected somewhat.

This is a picture of what the mechanism looks like currently:

Next I will need to work out the leg structure, of which I shall develop a computer model in the next few days. I will include that model in my next post. I will also be laminating the playing surface, and further investigating the idea of having lights built into the sides of the table.

If you have any more suggestions, I will be happy to listen to them, the feedback I received on the last post was wonderful, so thanks for that.

Cheers, Loads


  1. that looks so cool!! :D cant wait to see it finished :D

    and... can i play it? :D

  2. Your first paragraph messed with my head, loads. When I read the second half of the paragraph, I thought I was suffering from dejavu.......

    Good work so far! Can't wait to see the finished project. When does it have to be completed?

  3. @Amber: i had some formatting issues, and i think i pasted chunks of the post everywhere, and i had to spend a while trying to work it out. its sorted now...

    And thanks, its due mid-August


  5. Dude
    Can u send me pics when it's finished, so I can blog about it

    I luv when people are creative

  6. @Mily: i am going to delete your comment if you dont stop back by and post a bit more than your URL.

    Queni: umm yeah possibly. they will be posted HERE at some stage though... if you would like to see the progress aswell, follow the blog. that way there is no need to send u pics. cheers

  7. That is awesome! really creative stuff here, if you made another one I would buy it ^^

  8. HAHAHA @ Scrappy's comment about your first two paragraphs.

    Looks good, loads. If it were me, I'd probably mess up the holes' size and positioning.

    Oh, that sounds dirty.

  9. Looks awesome so far.

    Just wondering, what are the HSC regulations on the use of glass. I know for art it is not permitted (for safety and transporting issues) but clear perspex is allowed.
    Just something to consider for the long term...


  10. That's such a cool idea. I wish I had a skill set like that where I could stay focused long enough to build something so involved. I like what you've done with it so far and can't wait to see the final product. Looking forward to part 3.

  11. Mikey: the holes arent particularly difficult hahah. just line them up and drill them out. repeat. then repeat 14 more times. the goal holes were a bit harder to perfect.

    @Hannah. DT it way more liberal in terms of materials than art, understandably, so i dont really have anything to worry bout there. (obviously if i decided to make a gun, things would be different)

    @John. Thank you =]. i will most likely get the next post up probably sometime in the next week or two. itll be a little different to the two already there. but thanks for the feedback =]

  12. Looking good so far. When your done, you are more than welcome to come and start building my wife and I new furniture for the house.


    Just wondering how this is going to look complete?

    I know a Foosball table but that signature Loads Look?

  13. hahah cheers Dan. I will look into it for you yeah?

    the next post will be explaining the final design possibilities. probably with a few computer models etc.

    and do you think you could explain "that signature Loads look" =]

  14. Not sure, depends on YOU! Do something to it, with it that just says YOU to anybody and everybody.

    Just an off the wall example of how I would Give it a Signature Dan Look -- I would make the Goalies Dragons.

    Just something that makes it totally different and YOU!


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