Thursday, May 20, 2010

And now for something completely different!

Ok, so as a few of you are probably aware, I am currently in my final year of school. (For those who weren't aware, you are now =]) One of the subjects that I elected to do was one that involved the designing and production of a major work. This involves in essence: making something. I chose to build a foosball coffee table.

You would all know what foosball is right? (For those who don't, it's the table soccer game you see around the place). Well my project is functionally duplicitous as it not only fulfils the functionality of the foosball game, but can also be used for the purpose of a coffee table. In other words, it is a normal foosball table, just a foot lower, and with a glass inlay over the top.

What relevance this has to you guys is you are going to help me. While i take a little bit of time to document my progress through this blog, with the central purpose of showing you an insight into my year, and hopefully letting you follow my progress with interest. Your feedback on this part of my blog would be much appreciated, and may (with your permission), be used in compiling the design portfolio to be submitted alongside the project.

This is my progress up until now:

As you can see, I have a long way to go. What that^ basically is, is the box that will house the actual foosball game. The rods that hold the players will run across that box, which will be inside a "cabinet" of sorts. The cabinet will basically be the legs of the structure, and the housing of the game, as well as the glass top.

My next step is laminating the MDF playing surface, biscuit-joining the 4 sides together, then the MDF to each of them (all dry-fitted for the moment). from there i will begin the cabinet, then install the game, then fix all the parts together. Sounds pretty simple huh? .........Yeah right.

First question. What do you think about installing lights inside the game? Most likely LED strips running along each side, similar to floodlights on a real football field. Yes or No?

Cheers everyone =]


  1. I like how its rectangular, I feel this is a good start

  2. Lights, yes I like lights.

    Foosball with glass, the pub I used to play in had that to protect the little men. Occasionally the ball got stuck.

  3. hey well done.. big project..
    lights would be good

    good luck with it.. looks great already

  4. Will the glass just be something you can lay over and latch on or will it be permanently connected? That's actually really awesome though and lights are a very good idea.

  5. Would you be able to turn the lights on and off? And will the glass have the ability to be lifted off the table? If you can turn the lights on and off, then YES to lights.

  6. I did smile at what SJ said. It's what would have in real life prompted me to go: "Good one."

    Lights are good for decor - but hopefully not for playing in pitch darkness. Other than that, I also think it's very cool you had the idea of coffee and foosball table. Love it.

    You've got an award to collect at my blog by the way. I think you'll find it fun. :)

  7. Ambitious, go for the lights; think... soft warm glow over a footy stadium in the dark, how romantic? In Brazil that game is called totó. I just realised, I never linked your blog, it's going on They say it's in the genes... right now.


  8. Yes, I like the idea of lights.
    Maybe a neutral clear colour along the sides and "team" colour lights at each end?

  9. Just a comment here, if your planning on making it a table and a foosball game you might want to look into folding/locking arms for the bars. Something that will fold at the entry or near to it and has a locking sleeve for when you want to play and lock in place. Wish I could remember the name of those Joints for that, cant right now but if i do remember i will get back and let you know. and Good Luck

  10. everyone: thanks for the feedback. looks like i may make an attempt with the lights, seems to me like its a popular idea...

    @carolyn: glass probably fixed. i have a way of combatting stuck balls (that sounds wierd), i will come to that in the next couple of posts.

    @amber: yes lights will either be connected to mains or a battery pack, so it can be switched.

    @Mikey: thanks hahah. got it up there somewhere =]

    @AV: thanks for that. i need to link a few blogs so ill check yours out.

    @author: nice idea, i will have to consider placement/colour variation etc... we'll see how it pans out.

    @Dan: As i told you, i am constantly thinking of ways of doing as you suggest, as storage may be rather important. and thank you =]

    once again, thanks guys =]

  11. about..writing about social networking and the coffee shop is way easier said than done. I keep trying to start it, but it feels like im writing an essay for english, and that kinda makes me cringe. Oh well. lol. hopefully inspiration will strike soon.


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