Sunday, May 16, 2010

2009 Football Tour - UK and Spain

Below is a collection of pictures from the most amazing 17 days I could have ever imagined. In April last year my school took 30 of us footballers to play, train, and watch the best in the world. This is the bare bones. Enjoy.

This me (on the right), in the players tunnel at Liverpool's home ground, Anfield.
This is the senior team before our first game against Rhyl in Wales. I think we lost 2-1, but it was a great game. I am third from the left, kneeling.

The next one is our first taste of english football. We saw Crystal Palace play out a 1-1 draw with Coventry, and despite the tasteless scoreline, we were not disappointed. The crowd was enthusiastic, and we even were granted the opportunity to meet Nicky Carle, one of the Australians flying the flag over in the European leagues.

Old Trafford, home ground of Manchester United. I'm in the white jumper. Magnificent stadium. I'll stop there.

We then headed over to Spain. This is at the Nou Camp, Barcelona's stadium. Barcelona was a magnificent city from what we had to see of it, but unfortunately our sightseeing was limited due to the fairly strict footballing itinery of the trip. We did get to La Rambla, the Barcelona Cathedral, and the Sagrada Familia.

So there you have it, a very, very brief (as in like 5 photos out of 3-400) look at my trip last year. I could possibly upload a few more, or maybe even show a few photos/ experiences from a few more trips. If you would like to see more photos, or more of my personal experiences, just leave a comment below. Cheers guys.


  1. I've never been to Spain or Australia, but have always wanted to 'cause I feel I was born to travel. As a guy who's been to over twenty countries so far, and flies almost every winter and summer, I always enjoy photos from other people's travels. Where else have you been?

  2. Wow, the furthest my school ever took me was France, and I live in the UK. That's like next door. I can't imagine my school taking us to Oz! That said I left school in 1998, so they may have broadened their horizons by now. I can't believe you came all the way over here to see the best in the world yet failed to visit the Premier Leagues best team: Sunderland (guess who I support!).

  3. Mikey: i mention all the places i have been in a previous post. its the one titled "So yeah, how about that". It also talks a bit about me.

    TGG: My school has taken me to melbourne, japan, and on that tour. Pretty crazy i know!
    Sunderland? we did see alot of other teams besides those above. we went to a few EPL games, trained at chelsea, liverpool, charlton (met jonjo shelvey there), espanyol. that being said, one of the guys on the trip bought a sunderland jersey. that was about the closest we got to them hahah.

  4. You don't graduate until September??
    Silly Aussies ;]

    Just kidding. I am so jealous; you've been to so many fantastic places. I've only been to Italy and Mexico (besides the US, of course). I plan on majoring in foreign langauges and world cultures at the university, though, so hopefully my studies will take me to places other than the States.

  5. we dont graduate because our school year corresponds to the calendar year. makes much more sense. hahah.

    foreign languages? what do you know now? i learnt japanese to a decent level which was cool.

    i would love to go somewhere next year, but i will most likely end up straight at uni.


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