Monday, April 19, 2010

So about that?

I’m rather bored, so I thought it was about time I hit you with something to read. I’m gonna steer away from the usual today, and maybe focus on something slightly different.

Just give me a few minutes while writers block subsides.

Right, I’m back, and thought I might tell everyone a bit about me, since many of you don’t know me from a bar of soap. (Not that if a bar of soap said hi you would mistake it for me…I hope).

Ok, so I’m still a student, and I’m busy student-ing in Sydney, Australia. I go to an all boys boarding school, which has its ups and downs, but all in all it’s a good place. It is here I am learning all the things that will grant me the ability to find my place in society when I am spat out the other side. For the time being, I want to study architecture at uni next year, if not, then probably something else (for those of you who haven’t already made that connection).

I have a number of things which I use my spare time to achieve, most notably sports. I’ve played them most of my life, and I cannot see that changing anytime soon (that is, until my knees and back and whatever else have had it). I play tennis and football (soccer), but I have in the past also been involved in a bit of cricket, rugby, golf and what have you.

Other than that my time is fairly well divided between mates, video games, and eating, as well as a few other mindless pursuits.

I’ve travelled a bit (well a lot actually). The complete list of places I have been includes New Zealand, England, Scotland, America, Canada, Austria, Japan, Japan, Japan (yes that’s right, x3), then back to England, Wales and Spain for a football trip last year. I owe a great deal of thanks to my parents for allowing me these experiences, all of which have been incredible in their own right.

The only other thing I need to say is, I am actually kind of struggling for subjects to write about, so If anyone has any suggestions, like literally anything, don’t hesitate to share them just here, and I will do my level best to churn out something half decipherable for you to read =].

I think that’s probably it for the time being…To be completely honest I don’t really know what else I should tell you…so I’ll leave it there hey? As always, thanks for reading, thanks for following, thanks for commenting. Have a great week and I shall see you soon.


  1. nick what about a commentary about the state of lfc at the moment - what is your perspective? what can we aspire to next season? who should we buy? do we need a new coach? how do you feel about the change in ownership? the recent injury to torres - how will that affect our europa league hopes?

  2. joe - very viable topic.
    what can we aspire to - anything but the champions league i'm afraid.
    who should we buy - not a question for me to answer, thats rafas job, lets hope he gets it right this time.
    do we need a coach - rafas a great coach, unfortunately I dont feel he has the full backing of the squad. this may be his undoing
    change of ownership - fantastic, anything to get those filthy owners out. we need a passionate backer.
    torres - there are 11 men on a field, not 1, and those 11 are professionals, you would come to think they can score goals themselves.

    thats my perspective at the moment. not sure i should make a post about it, as not many people here are liverpool fans. obviously need to see the light =P.

    what about you joe, what do you think?

  3. I love how you combined a lot of the stuff from the coffee shop for your post today. Made for an interesting read. Enjoy your day.

  4. hahah actually i posted all of that here first. it was just by coincidence that it happened to come up there aswell... wierd

    and thankyou =]

  5. Look at my post on abortion then give your view on the subject. Did you know that Obama said "If my daughters make a mistake, I don't want them to be punished with a baby."?!?!?!?!

  6. yeah i'll give that a go. seems like a logical one to do.

    when did he say that? that is rather extreme...

  7. that is because obama is pro-abortion - that is why he said that. A famous individual such as Obama must be respected for his opinion and acknowledged - however, just because Obama said it does not make it right for others who hold different opinions.

  8. as a new topic for a blog...what do think about the state of the art world - have we lost the touch and finesse of previous years at the expense of too abstract, almost kindergarten work? or are we just changing and finding new ways of aesthetically pleasing art?

  9. thats a different topic...umm it could be seen either way i guess...i personally dont think we will see the calibre of ARTIST that was once present, but because of our differing appreciation, nowadays there are more people, but no real "masters" so to speak.

  10. I don't have any topic ideas to contribute here since I'm at a loss for that myself at the moment, but I would like to tell you just how jealous I am of the various places you have been. I'm dying to travel. Hey perhaps talk about an extremely interesting incident on one of your many trips, pretty pictures and all. But hey, that may just interest me.

  11. not a bad suggestion. ive still got my diary from both my england/scotland and america/canada trips. they were written when i was fairly young so some of it is quite amusing.

    despite the embarrassment i may type them up and post them. some photos would be kinda cool too i guess.


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