Thursday, April 8, 2010

Liverpool - Benfica

This morning, I rose at 4.45 to watch Liverpool play Benfica in the Europa Cup, and despite feeling like an absolute zombie for the rest of the morning, I was reminded why I chose this team in the first place. The opening exchanges didn’t really present much, and Benfica held most of the chances. But when Dirk Kuyt tapped in a header to open the scoring, which was disallowed and reallowed again, I asked myself the question: Surely, to even be considered to line judge a professional European match, you have to have a grasp on the basic rules of the game, i.e. no offsides from a corner. Nice work buddy, keep up the good work…*dick-for-brains*

Anyway, the next opportunity presented itself when Stevie Gerrard split the hapless Benfica defense and sent Lucas running onto his ball to score from a one-on-one situation.
Hold on. What was that? Lets just take a step backwards here…

…Yes, it did happen. Lucas and the words “one-on-one” in the same sentence….beats me.

Halftime and rather content with the 2-0 score line, I got up and made myself some breakfast, just in case you are wondering, it was coco-pops.

Coco-pops in hand, the second half resumed to a flurry of chances. Yay – excitement. A Benfica free kick countered and turned into the opposite net by a decent build up and a simple Torres finish – for a change. Anyone else, and yeah, it would have been great, but the fact it was Torres really drove the on looking kop into raptures.

As the game entered its final exchanges, we all knew – the best was yet to come. When Cordozo drove a free kick straight through the Liverpool wall and into the back of Pepe Reina’s net, the tie was suddenly open again. Or was it?

Somewhere at the back of the room, some guy named Torres puts his hands up and says, “I have something to say”

I’m all ears.

Running onto a sweet through ball, and chipping whoever the hell replaced Benfica’s first choice Cesar, reminiscent of his goal against Fulham in his opening season, or his winner in the Euro 2008 final for Spain, parity was restored once again. 4-1 the scoreline, 5-3 the tie aggregate.

Thanks Liverpool. You made my day. Just about time I think. YNWA


  1. What a magnificent performance. Kuyt gave his usual grit and work horse qualities. Lucas' finish was perfect and majestic, incisively set-up by some midfield dominance. The counterattack with Benayoun - Kuyt - then Torres' sweet finish: simply magnificent. Poetry in motion. This is the beautiful game. I would have loved to be sitting behind that goal. Then to cap it off, a delicate chip by Torres demonstrated his skill as a player. A great start to the morning - this makes the holidays worthwhile - but im feeling the consequences now. But I just think of Torres with his arms outstretched in celebration, and I feel better already.

  2. hahah well said! simply brilliant =]

  3. firstly, what a dumbass linesman...

    secondly... go coco pops :P i've been having them for breakfast too lol. thought u should know :P

    and thirdly.. YAY for them winning :D


  4. hahah kindly piss off simon.comment on my other posts. just cuz my blog is exponentially greater than yours =P. btw wanna link exchange? put my blog on urs and i'll do the same? and tell liz to follow my blog aswell. it will greatly improve her quality of life.

    and emma. yes. very dumbass linesman.
    yes. go coco pops hahah. i'm very interested in your breakfast habits =P
    and finally. yes. very much YAY for them winning. makes for a pleasant change of events

  5. haha thankyou to replying to each of my very important points :P
    excellent blogging for the rest of your posts :D


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