Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Good Lord...You just don't know where time goes sometimes.

It has been months since I last posted which I never thought would happen. I really am trying to get back into this - I keep telling myself.

Anyway, back on track. Next week I begin uni. I am doing a Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney, within which I will receive a double major degree in Sociology and Psychology, with a double minor in Government/International Relations and Political Economy.

I don't really know what to expect from the whole thing, but nevertheless I am looking forward to it a great deal. I am hoping it will provide some sort of literary inspiration as to some things I might be able to use as material here, in fact.

Other than that, I thought I would just use this opportunity as a bit of an update, and let you know that I am indeed still alive, and hope to continue this page as it once was. Thanks for keeping the faith, and I'll see you at some stage in the near future.




  1. Good luck at Uni. I hope that you find the information you are looking for! =]

  2. Oh, that's quite a programme. Here in India you don't have too many universities offering such courses. Nor is there enough encourgement to take up these courses as there aren't too many jobs going around on them. I am a political science student, though.

    Take care.

  3. Yeah, I have just now gotten back into blogging. But I barely have time for it. Thats why I'm not in the Shop anymore. I just don't have the time.

  4. Adrian: Cheers mate, I hope I am too. Hope all is well.

    Indra: Thats a pity, the path here to university is quite hard, but the opportunity is always open to everybody, which really should be the same everywhere.

    Gargus: I know what you mean, it does get like that sometimes.

  5. welcome back mate. nshul2007 here.

    best of luck at the college and party hard. Hope you enjoy your course.


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